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The Negotiator’s Desk Reference (NDR) is edited by Chris Honeyman and Andrea Kupfer Schneider and has 106 other contributors. It is by far the most comprehensive book on negotiation now available (see First Reactions & Reviews.) Published in 2017, the NDR replaces the 80-contributor Negotiator’s Fieldbook (American Bar Association 2006, with the same editors.)

Three short articles by the editors describe the NDR below. Commissioned by CPR (International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution, New York) for its newsletter Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation, they are reproduced by permission.

1. A Canon Is Revised: Has the Negotiation Field Come of Age? 
2. One to One: Moving Forward While Facing Deep Differences 
3. Safety (and Power) in Numbers: Negotiation with Groups 

Also Available:

The same editors’ Negotiation Essentials for Lawyers is published by the American Bar Association. Essentials contains 53 chapters, adapted from the NDR by their original authors specifically for the needs of time-pressed lawyers and other negotiators.


The editors’ first book in this series, the Negotiator’s Fieldbook, was published in 2006 and was widely regarded for over a decade as the most thorough book on negotiation you could buy. (Fieldbook reviews are at the end of First Reactions & Reviews.) Now, well over half of the 2017 NDR is entirely new; the rest is significantly updated from the Fieldbook. 101 chapters explore negotiation from perspectives of business, economics, law, psychology, cultural studies and more than two dozen other fields. Each chapter is written by at least one leading expert on that specific topic.

The authors summarize the key ideas efficiently, making the NDR highly readable. The NDR balances research with real-world explanations from top negotiators in many areas, including business, diplomacy, law practice, hostage situations and many other settings. A consistent theme is how discoveries in fields far from your own may be much more relevant than you thought.

The Web edition, at $30, includes Volumes 1 and 2, as well as selected chapters from the predecessor Negotiator’s Fieldbook (designated as Volume 3. Those chapters are republished from the Fieldbook by courtesy of the American Bar Association.) NDR: BUY THE WEB EDITION

Hard copies available:

If you prefer “hard copy”, the Negotiator’s Desk Reference is published in print by DRI Press and is available through bookstores everywhere. (Quick links for both volumes at Amazon are below.) 

FREE! The full Web edition is included with every purchase of the full two-volume set in print. Access instructions are printed in the book.

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