If you bought the NDR before June 24, 2024….


We have a new web hosting platform, since our previous one became less reliable. However, our previous (membership) structure was not transferable with accounts intact. We have taken the opportunity to make our new setup simpler.

If you bought the Web edition before June 24, 2024 (or created a free account after buying both print volumes) you will no longer have to log in and download chapters one by one. You can now download both volume 1 and volume 2 by clicking two buttons. Volume 3 is now free and open to the public.

And of course, once you have downloaded Volumes 1 and 2, the typical PDF search will work on each volume. The Search function on this site will find things that are not in  Volumes 1 or 2, such as the descriptions of Volume 3 chapters.

We have sent an email to announce these changes, to the address you used for your original purchase. It contained instructions and a coupon code to reduce the price of a new “purchase” to zero. If you have not seen that email, please check your spam folder.

However, if you no longer use that email address, or cannot find the email for any other reason, you are still entitled to a full copy without any further charge. Our support email address is on the Contact Us page. Please cite in your message the email address you used in your original purchase of the NDR.

We will reply as soon as we can with the coupon code. We regret any inconvenience.


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